David Levithan

★ ★ ★

A’s life is unpredictable in the sense that everyday, he wakes up as a new person living a new life. A is always the same age and relatively in the same area with every passing day, but he encompasses a new life every morning nonetheless.

From what he can remember, it’s always been this way. Until he meets a girl who changes everything (as they usually do). A wants to spend his life with her, no matter who he’s inhabited to everyday. That makes things a little tricky.

The premise of this story is original and I enjoyed it for that reason. But the writing for me was not as compelling as it could have been. This book is definitely targeted towards young adults and it makes sense in the execution of the writing.

The romance and tension is very bland, which is ok, but again, to me, a little poorly executed. The author tries to write a book about what it would be like to exist without the external things that define everyone (family, race, gender, sexuality), but it’s not grasped well or articulated enough to really get that feeling. There wasn’t enough variety. The book could have been loads more interesting if the novel was purely about self-discovery and that gripping idea of ‘what could I dramatically change or learn by living in a new body everyday?’ So in my opinion, the romance wasn’t even a necessary component.

Anyway, not a super gripping, telling story, but an ok one and one that isn’t not worth the read.

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