A Court of Thorns & Roses (ACOTAR 1)

Sarah J. Maas


It took me a century to read this novel. But upon having FINALLY picked it up, I’m screaming???????

I really don’t understand how no one slapped me over the head with this book & make me read it earlier.


So anyway.

Feyre is suchhhh a badass! She’s brilliant, brave, and cunning; an absolutely magnetic heroin. And I’m absolutely stoked for the rest of her journey. She’s everything a female character should be. She’s stubborn, independent, strong-willed, and is constantly learning new things about herself. Her growth through the series is *CHEFS KISS*.

Tamlin is everything here, but oh my god, so is Rhys. Both of these men are electric and alluring. I’m obsessed with the difference of dynamic there. And I super look forward to what Rhys has in store for Feyre because there’s an apparent danger and power between the two of them.

Lucien had to be my favorite though. I’m absolutely obsessed with him and he is ~s u c h~ a good character for Feyre. Their dynamic cracks me up. A lot of people say that he should’ve been the love interest, but I really see him as older brother. I’m in love with everything about this man. He’s sarcastic and cunning, the perfect friend. And he 110% has my heart.

I BARRELED my way through this novel and was left with so many emotionsssssss. I immediately ordered the rest of the series once I finished this book and I am just flabbergasted at how I hadn’t read this sooner. It’s safe to say i’m proudly part of this club now.

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