UGC Work


‘User Generated Content’ is the leading way to build trust with your audience & effectively influence purchase decisions. People trust people, & that’s why relatable & emotionally driven content delivers the results you’re aiming for.

Social Media Management


Kaitlyn&Media LLC is so excited to work with you and help take the edge off from your online business. I’ve been working in social media creations and management for the last two years. I know that running an online business can be extremely overwhelming, and can even become unsustainable if you don’t have the right resources or support team. This partnership will take some of that business-specific stress off of you, so that you get to keep doing things you love. I have managed and worked with other bloggers, brands, and influencers and have extensive knowledge in managing social media, content creation, creative writing, blog writing or ghost writing, SEO, and more.

Send Me A Book

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I’d love to read and review a favorite novel of yours! Whether you’re an author or fellow bookworm, I’d love to get a book from you. I’m a firm believer that books are some of the most thoughtful items you can gift someone — so if you come across something that you think will tickle my fancy, get in touch and send it my way! Can’t wait to read what you have for me. All reviews get posted to my Bookstagram and Pinterest.