IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Hector Garcia Puigcerver, Francesc Mirrales, Walter Dixon

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A wonderful and easy-to-read self-help that will teach you SO much about your inner spiritual self. IKIGAI tells you about those in Japan who never live a day without being grateful for their work, their families, their friends, their communities, their food, their resources and their lives. The word, IKIGAI, is a term that means, your reason for being. IKI means life and GAI means value or worth. This novel will teach you how people in Japan live to be over 100 years old. So far, the leading record is 126 years old before death. These individuals are called centurions and being grateful and living a life full of peace, joy, gratitude and slowing down or reflecting often is a staple for this long-lived life.

This book, full of research and real accounts focuses on long and happy living that allows you to learn more about inner peace and finding purpose. The Japanese culture is a beautiful one to learn about, and turns out, we have a lot to learn and apply when it comes to ancient healing and spirituality methods.

You’ll learn that everyone has their own IKIGAI. Everyone has their own purpose, their own reason for jumping out of bed everyday. Everyone has their own forged path and direction.

The application of this lifestyle is not complicated — it comes down to the pragmatic practice and consistency of creating a life you’re dreaming to live.

IKIGAI is a treasure trove of life’s secrets and posits a series of workable solutions for people lacking direction and purpose. It’s beautifully designed and is full of interesting research and case studies of the Japanese people.

This book celebrates conscious living and the enriching process to be able to do so, in addition to providing a great outline of unconventional ways to increase one’s longevity. This is a comfort and feel-good book, and leaves you feeling inspired to explore what makes you tick.

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