Common Sense

Thomas Paine

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“What I thought was going to be a necessary slog turned out to be not only insightful, but genuinely entertaining. Laden with passionate wisdom, scathing wit, and intellectual wherewithal, it’s little wonder this renowned ‘pamphlet’ became the rallying cry for American independence from Britain. Paine was as bold as he was brilliant. In the context of his time period, it’s fascinating to realize he was committing treason by laying out this multi-layered argument calling for revolution. And he did so without apology.” – Angela Blount

This is the best quote I could think of that could possible capture what Common Sense entails.

Paine is a wonderful wordsmith and has a simple eloquence and ethical reasoning that I believe really helped transform the collective conscience of the conflicted colonies. This published work is one of the most insightful texts I’ve ever read — coming from someone who has never cared a lick for politics. It’s a wonderful read full of things to learn. The shortest pamphlet of knowledge you’ll ever stumble upon and yet never forget. A powerful prose of American history and all that would become of it. A powerful prose that inspired a new world. A powerful prose that all peoples need to read and understand. Most importantly it’s a powerful prose made to help build a better American vision.

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