Tender is the Flesh

Augustina Bazterrica

★ ★ ★

Well this was the most bizarre book I’ve ever read in my entire life?

But I didn’t hate it?

The ending? OMG?

Why didn’t people go vegan or plant-based?

Why did they have to resort to eating each other?

In a world where animal meat can no longer be consumed, humans do what they do best and invent excuses for the atrocious things they’ll do instead; slaughter and eat each other.

So, literally, just replace everything you know about meat processing and farms for animals, with people 🙂 that sits well doesn’t it?

You won’t understand until you just read the thing honestly.

I just don’t think I will ever look at meat the same way?

I just am so shocked at the contents of this novel.

It’s a very quick and horrifying read if you can stomach it.

I gave it a 3 because it’s a very fast read and you don’t really have time to connect to the plot…which is probably fine. And I’d recommend it for the experience. It’s just wild.

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