Normal People

Sally Rooney

★ ★ ★

This was the first book I read of Sally Rooney’s and I just couldn’t vibe with it. I apologize, Rooney fans, but give the review a read because maybe you can help me?

Marianne and Connell did not disappoint in being ordinary characters. They experienced the ordinary feelings and ordinary drama that comes with being in college and living adultish lives. They endured family issues and friendship turmoils. Overall it was a very fine and ordinary novel that readers can easily digest and probably relate to. The title definitely makes sense. But I didn’t think it was groundbreaking — then again, perhaps that’s its point.

I think it’s a novel that purely lacked depth for me. Even if it is about “normal people.” I felt bored.

Rooney’s writing tripped me up too, in the sense though that she doesn’t use quotation marks for characters speaking. So, I feel like I was trying to understand what was taking place more than I was able to just read and enjoy the story’s content.

I liked the aesthetic and vibe of the novel cover if that counts for anything. I do think that the writing is beautiful and I actually really enjoyed the way she crafts a story and describes a scene, so I feel like she’s an author I can give a second chance to.

I have several of her books on my TBR and I own but have yet to read “Beautiful World, Where Are You” which I hear is most often a favorite. so I’m not giving up! (Even though I’ve been procrastinating that read hardcore).

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