The Outsiders

S.E. Hinton


Forever and ever, and EVER one of my favorite books. A book I try to reread every year. This novel will always feel like home. It’s the first book I fell in love with, EVERRRR. It’s also the first time I realized that words on a page can make you feel, and how special that is or can be.

And the Greaser boys are the definition of real boys. Rough, rowdy, imaginative, courageous, protective, and loyal. They’re always the standard. They’re the first boys I fell in love with.

S.E. Hinton creates beautiful characters and beautiful scenes. She writes an engaging and classic story. The quality of this novel matches its hype.

This is an inspired novel that covers a wide range of important issues and topics that are still relevant today. I know this book was ahead of its time and was considered wildly controversial, but it’s a tried and true for a reason. It’s emotive and will teach you a lot.

Occasionally a book is written at the perfect time, with the perfect story, with the perfect group of characters; and it is written with a passion and an insight that make it unique, that distinguishes it from any other book and any other story. And sometimes it defines a generation, or a culture or sub-culture of that generation. That, my friends, is what this book does.

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