On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Ocean Vuong


This novel is beautiful through and through. A detailed prose of self-discovery and acceptance; of a journey from one continent to another; of friendship and family ties. a prose of intense emotion.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is written as a letter from a Vietnamese immigrant boy to his mother who can’t read. It’s raw, impactful, and sometimes painful to read. It greatly details his upbringing and love life and sexuality, his experience as an immigrant, what he’s learned as he’s grown up, and more.

It is achingly beautiful literature; poetic even, from a brave and fearless boy who used writing as an outlet. I loved his story and I loved how he expressed it. As a writer and word lover myself, I’ve found that nothing beats getting your feelings out on paper. Little Dog’s relationship with his words is powerful and phenomenal. It is just such a preciously intimate novel.

I’ve come to really enjoy reading ethnic books and perspectives. They’re all so elegantly written and are so far, some of the best contemporary literature I’ve read.

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