Ugly Love

Colleen Hoover



TROPES/VIBES: arranged marriage, love triangle, forbidden romance, friends with benefits, second chance romance, third chance romance

Well. The book was ugly.

I really don’t understand Colleen Hoover’s hype and after this book I decided I don’t want to read anymore of hers.

This was perhaps one of the most annoying and aggravating romances I’ve ever read. We all know Miles was more in love with Rachel and because of that, he would never be able to love Tate.

Miles POVs were not it. Not the vibe, not the energy, not anything. And with most of his POVs being in love with Rachel, you can’t help but overanalyze every thing he does because it does not match with Tate’s POVs. They were so opposite.

Tate wasn’t it because she let Miles walk all over her and let him use her for sex and get away with shitty behavior.

literally how TERRIBLE would it be to stay with someone who literally doesn’t want you back? Who doesn’t want you completely? Who doesn’t commit? Who you hope will give you a fraction of affection one day so you can convince yourself you’re meant to be? Why would you want that for yourself? Why would you read it? It’s a thousand times more aggravating to see it in words on a page.

I just don’t understand why Colleen Hoover only writes about emotionally unavailable men?

I’m not subjecting myself to a purchase button. You’ve got some things to work out if this is the book you deem you want…help me understand LOL. 7

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