Throttled (Dirty Air 1)

Lauren Asher


SPICE: 🌶️🌶️🌶️.5

TROPES/VIBES: age gap, forbidden romance, enemies to lovers, f1 racers, sports romance, rivals, secret relationship

This was a cute book. A great start to this series. Maya was a sweetheart and Noah was addictive. Maya was such a relatable character. She was very character-driven and I loved seeing her growth. Watching a girl gain her confidence is so empowering and fun to see.

Noah was also very character driven and I really enjoyed watching his growth. A man…who talks about his feelings?? SWOON! He’s a know-it-all, arrogant jerk right off the bat, but you know there’s something else there so you just give him a chance. It ends up being worth it.

I loved that it was a racing sports romance. I thought that was refreshingly original. The scenes were well done and captivating.

The romance was a little cheesy, but cute. Too FEW sex scenes for my liking though. The sex scenes themselves were pretty well done though. I would have loved to see more. And there was definitely that build of tension which I always like, as I thoroughly enjoy a slow-burn type love, but the execution was a little underwhelming. I like to be able let out a breath of “FINALLY.” I didn’t quite get there with these two. Nonetheless, an acceptable romance. They pair really well together.

The character plots are growth-driven, but it could have gone a little further and deeper in certain areas. It would have been cool to see Maya work a little harder or struggle a little more for her dreams to pay off, but I didn’t mind where it ended up. I feel like although cheesy, Noah’s growth is really well done.

I overall enjoyed this novel. It was an easy and fun read.

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