The Brethren

John Grisham


Three ex-judges in federal prison. An extortion scheme. A presidential run. Terrorists on a rampage. The perfect victim.

Have I hooked ya?

John Grisham writes brilliantly. This novel was fast-paced, exciting, intellectually stimulating, and far from dull.

In a minimum-security prison, three old corrupt judges pass their days away running a scam by mail, asking help and promising companionship from closeted gay men across the country. When the marks bite, the judges demand money or threaten to expose them and their dirty secrets. Meanwhile, head of the CIA plans to engineer the presidential election of a handpicked Congressman in campaign based on fomenting the fear of world war. Two completely different plots that are somehow supposed to converge. It will take you by surprise. With each new development, I enjoyed it more.

This book feels like you’re reading two different stories in one and it was a lot of fun to wait for them to finally come together. Lots of moving parts and several important characters keep you on your toes. It’s funny, clever, suspenseful, and politically charged. A great 2000s novel; an oldie but a goodie. One of John Grisham’s best, I’ve heard.

It’s honestly a refreshingly rich novel. I enjoyed its plot, characters, and pace. It’s a different vibe and was nice to read something different.

It is definitely recommended!

2 responses to “The Brethren”

  1. A great book, totally agree!


    1. All thanks to your recommendation!


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