Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

Rachel Lynn Solomon


This book had me sobbing. It is so cute and resonated with me in so many ways. Rowath Roth and Neil McNair = rivals; arch nemeses; enemies to the highest degree.

They spend their high school career constantly trying to one-up each other. It was always about beating each other; besting each other; coming out on top. This book resonated with me in more than one way, but specifically towards Rowan being a complete hopeless romantic and having the highest standards (maybe too high) for lovers through her romance books — (turns out she likes them a lot too, which is always fun for me as a reader to read about characters who’re bookworms and want the same things real life people do).

Neil had my heart from the beginning and has a lot of depth to him. His character is fun to dig into. He has a love of words and classic novels as well, which made me like him anyway. He speaks fluent sarcasm which is ALWAYS a plus in my world. His interactions with Rowan are quippy, mostly lighthearted, and entertaining.

The book takes place on the last day of high school, and Rowan needs to best Neil one more time. But events turn unexpected and the two end up in a predicament they didn’t know was possible. Turns out, their relationship is more than rivalry and sarcasm and jabs at each other. Someone is a big softie and someone else is pleasantly surprised with the way things turned out.

All to say, it’s a cute and easy read, and I suggest reading it asap.

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