They Both Die at the End

Adam Silvera


So, imagine a world where death comes for you by phone call and there’s nothing you can do about it. Not horror-like, just real life. In 24 hours, you will inevitably face your death. There’s just no escaping it, nor will you be allowed to know how you’ll go.

This novel will make you wonder through the whole thing if the characters affected will get out of it somehow. They Both Die at the End will give you a bittersweet feeling because you know that no matter what, in 368 pages, the characters’ fates will be sealed. As the reader, you get to embark on the journey with Mateo and Rufus and see how much they learn about themselves and the world around them on their last day.

One day left to do whatever they feel like doing. One day left to make amends, make enemies, make memories, and make the most out of 24 hours anyone could. You’ll be able to relate to their struggle and there will be moments that will hurt your heart like Mateo singing for his dad who couldn’t hear him and Rufus hoping the Plutos would show up, or Mateo taking care of his best friend’s kid so she could have a few moments to herself and Rufus thinking that Mateo is pure.

This is a book that will brings death to the forefront of your mind and everything that comes with that. It’s a good reminder that death is something that none of us will escape. It’s a good reminder to live more presently, say what you mean, and give life your all.

I really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone trying to get back into reading. This is an easy and digestible read.

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