The Fine Print

Lauren Asher


SPICE 🌶️🌶️🌶️.5

TROPES/VIBES: grumpy sunshine, enemies to lovers, workplace romance, brooding male inner softie, witty banter

All of my expectations for love are already fictional. I already struggle with reality. So, Lauren Asher will probably be the death of me. I was obsessed with this book from cover to cover.

The Fine Print is so cute. I love, love, love the grumpy man, full-of-sunshine gal trope. It hits close to home and makes me feel sentimental for a certain grumpy fella I spent a year of my life with once.

Rowan is a doll. I loved his ambition and drive. I can appreciate such a trait. And I loved his denial of adoration for Zahra. Poor fella was screwed from the start. But we love a man of growth and feelings because his character arc is so sweet. I loved seeing him grow into who he wanted to be instead of staying stuck in who he thought he needed to be. That shit is so attractive.

And of course — because I’d be crazy not to — I was a mega fan of his dominative personality in bed. That possessiveness was real steamy. WHOOF that man had me feeling some things.

It’s safe to say I’ll thoroughly enjoy the rest of this series. Rowan’s brothers I believe just as steamy…

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