Sierra Simone


SPICE: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

TROPES/VIBES: age gap, forbidden romance, dirty talking, student teacher, friends to lovers

The HEEEAATTTT in this novel!!!!

Where do I even start. Sierra Simone did a beautiful job with this book. Sean Bell was a sexy, alluring man and I was immediately obsessed with him.

A sinner meets a saint; a beautiful nun-in-training who wants to experience the pleasure of the flesh before she fully commits to her journey with god. Sean Bell couldn’t be more standoffish about the situation but agrees anyway; teaching her everything there is about sex, pleasure, & seduction. Known as a womanizer, playboy, and skirt- chaser, Sean was the perfect man to turn to.

UGH this book was so erotic and sexy. Every page turn was a masterpiece. Sean makes you feel all the things and you’ll fall in love with him quick; a sinner after your own heart. The sex scenes were incredibly hot and steamy and I didn’t want them to end. I loved the student teacher trope. Sean is dirty, and lustful, and hungry, and it’s the sexiest thing ever.

Simone crafted a beautifully sexy and hearty novel. It’s a M U S T read; a devourable book that will demolish every single part of you and your body. It’s brilliantly filthy and the perfect mix of holy and profane.

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