Orbiting Jupiter

Gary D. Schmidt

I hated everything about this book. The writing was so basic and young. I found myself completely and entirely bored. It had so much potential but was terrible simple. The writing is bland and portrays zero emotion. I wasn’t connected to the plot, the characters, or really any part of this book. The development is shotty and I just rolled my eyes at the whole thing. The plot is also jammed into less than 200 pages and for some reason the font is HUGE? The whole ordeal of this book is ridiculously laughable…

Also the ages of the characters?? I wasn’t expecting children?? I was expecting grown ass adults?? That was disturbing to me on so many levels?

I do not understand, for the actual life of me, why this books gets the hype it does. I especially do not understand how this book ever got published?

I will not be subjecting myself to adding a purchase button, as I don’t want any part of your decision HAHA.

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