Oaths & Omissions (Monsters and Muses 3)

Sav R. Miller


SPICE: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

TROPES/VIBES: angsty, antihero, character cameos, age gap, fake relationship, forced proximity, praise kinks, Helen of Troy Greek retelling

Jonas Wolfe is one hungry british man, and is just as sexy as Kal Anderson (honestly if not more). He’ll sweep you off your feet before you can find a reason why you should hate him. He wants what he shouldn’t have and ends up falling for the girl first. Lenny Primrose is all attitude, all independent, and all too alluring — which Jonas finds he can’t get enough of or live without.

What starts as a fake dating trope inevitably ends up as a morally grey romance between characters who are happy to be as such. Lenny just wants out from under her father’s thumb and Jonas wants to destroy her father for his part in his father’s death. Lenny messes with Jonas’s solitary lifestyle in the best ways possible. They’re well matched and compliment each other ten fold.

Jonas is aggressive, protective, has way too good of a game, and will heavily satisfy a smut girly‘s praise kink. I was internally s c r e a m i n g g g g g g.

I’ve definitely favored this book so far in the series … but just wait till you meet Jonas’s brother in book four. OH BOY ARE THESE BOYS THE BEST OF EM ALL.

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