Cleopatra & Frankenstein

Coco Mellors


This book was just so raw. It was so realistic, and I loved it. Just such a fantastically executed novel. I don’t know how to express my enjoyment in experiencing this read.

It was deeply emotive. I loved reading about all of the characters. I don’t usually love third person tellings but I really did enjoy getting to know everyone’s story, as there are many main players in this book.

Cleopatra and Frankenstein traversed so many topics from mental health to love and loss, to sexual exploration to addictions, and it beautifully and sensitively dealt with them. You get to experience internal dialogue which I’ve come to really love in novels. It makes the book feel so much more alive.

Coco Mellors did such a great job at writing this novel. It’s so real. It wakes you up to what love is and what it can be, and what some of its pitfalls are. This book will leave you with that bookish hangover. I promise.

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