Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Toshikazu Kawaguchi


Despite a promising premise, the execution was perhaps the worst I’ve ever experienced. I hated this novel, and I hate that I hated it. I had looked forward to reading and experiencing it so much, and I was so disappointed.

The execution was just so sloppy. I found myself completely bored and unconnected to the plot, setting, and characters. Their stories were overly simple.

The writing style was annoying. The characters were annoying. The whole thing is just overhyped. It was so far from the cozy dream I was expecting. I wanted to like this book so bad.

I just think it was all too choppy and dull. I was expecting more. And unfortunately, after having it hyped up, the disappointment is strong with this one.

I will not be subjecting myself to adding a purchase button — it’s not worth it. Just trust me.

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