Arrows & Apologies (Monsters & Muses 4)

Sav R. Miller

SPICE: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️.5

TROPES/VIBES: forced proximity, age gap, workplace romance, enemies to lovers, enemies with benefits, Apollo and Daphne Greek retelling

Allistair Wolfe — a political king; a man who chases after what he wants and doesn’t stop at anything until he gets it. One of thee sexiest men I’ve read about, and of the most feral and possessive men I’ve read about. which, DROOL. X10.

I would’ve let him hunt me down and ravage me too, the way he did with Cora — who’s got a lot of sass and sarcasm up her sleeve. She’s a fun character to watch interact with Allistair — he just can’t get enough either. I don’t blame him though because Cora is all attitude. She makes him work for her and enjoys every second of it.

This is a toxic but addicting dynamic, and you just won’t be able to look away. Allistair is ruthless and obsessive, and it’s hot. His attention on Cora is so apparent. We love when the Wolfe boys fall first.

You will immediately fall in love with this man but it’s not hard especially after chapter 2, or the PERIOD SEX SCENE. He has this depth of darkness to him but by the end of the novel, he has you questioning your morals too.

I loved him and would let him into my world just as quickly as he asked to be let in. It’s no secret that the Wolfe boys are a good duo of men. They just don’t disappoint.

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