A Court of Wings & Ruin (ACOTAR 3)

Sarah J. Maas


I’m positively WRECKED. This book HAD ME IN SHAMBLES!!!!

I’m forever grateful for SJM because this journey has been incredible, a dream. I loved this book almost as much as I loved the second. This adventure was just so … remarkable.

What began as a hesitation toward a fantasy series, ended as embarking on probably the coolest journey I’ve ever seen with the coolest heroine I could have joined, and who acquired the sexiest man I could have never conjured up even in my own mind.

What began as a hesitation for a fantasy series, ended as an experience that swallowed me whole, flipped my entire world upside down, and showed me the power of imagination and feeling.

What began as a hesitation for a fantasy series, ended as a feeling of love, adoration & wholeness for Feyre. For Rhys. For Morrigan. For Amren. For Cassian. For Azrian. For Nesta. For Elain. For Lucien. And most of all, for their journey; for all of their journey’s. And for their bond to one another and the one they made in me. For their stories and for letting me be part of such stories.

I have such an utter love and wholeness for these novels and these fictional characters that eventually stopped feeling so fictional. They enriched my life so beautifully, so fully, and so unexpectedly that I will remember and honor all they did for me for the rest of my life.

Feyre and Rhys changed my life. I will miss these characters. And I am thankful that I got to be part of their lives. I look forward to ACOSF because I know so much more is still coming. I know so much more adventure — especially with Nesta at the lead — is going to be amazing and just as powerful as Feyre’s. I know I will still get to see Rhys and Feyre and watch their lives continue to blossom. But this band of books in her POV changed something in me forever. Rhys and Feyre. The best book couple of our time.

ACOWAR was incredible. What an amazing telling and surreal experience. I will never get over it.

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