A Court of Mist & Fury (ACOTAR 2)

Sarah J. Maas



So, thoughts collected:

Rhysand; the beautiful Rhys; the alluring, cunning, devious, sexy High Lord of the Night Court, has taken up ALL recesses of my brain. I am obsessed with him. In every sense of the word: obsessed. obsessed. obsessed. Rhys became everything. His character has struck my nerves in every way and I cannot get enough of him and everything that made him who he is. I simply, cannot get enough of his existence. His poise and power has etched its way into my bloodstream and I feel as if he’s a living thing within me. He is so special and freeing.

And the wonderful Feyre, perhaps the most elegant, brave, badass heroine I have ~ever~, EVER had the pleasure of embarking on a journey with. Her self-discovery and sheer stubbornness to be anything she wants to be was so amazing to watch come to life. Her transformation and growth was so HEALING to witness. I really enjoyed watching her friendship and love and bond blossom with those of the Inner Circle, and how much they cared for her back. I love her continual kindness, unwithering empathy and understanding, and relentless ability to overcome and conquer everything thrown her way. I SO look forward to the rest of her journey.

I most especially look forward to the rest of her journey with darling Rhys right by her side. The chemistry between these two is ELECTRIC. They had me in a chokehold from cover to cover. Waiting to watch their attraction blossom was well worth the anticipation and more. Their chemistry. Their passion. It is as beautiful as it is sexy and fun. Definition of absolutely MADE for each other. I cannot wait to see what else is in store.


This novel was WORTH A MILLION STARS. I again, can’t believe that I took a year to pick up this series. The second and third novels were well worth the wait. Pick up these books. Do it, do it, do it.

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