The Practice of Letting Go & Embracing Change

The perfect post for 2023.

December 21st was 2022’s Winter Solstice. December 23rd was 2022’s last New Moon. I mention these because the energy was powerful at the tail end of December. After having finished The Mountain is You and knowing that the New Moon brings about new chances, I was able to really tap into myself to figure out what I wanted to let go of in 2023, and what I wanted to embrace in 2023.

I already believe that a New Moon ritual (my post on the moon) is important to incorporate into your life; but this latest practice was really special. A year has so much potential for growth and change. And the practice of constant readjustment and realignment in life can be quite transformative. Embracing what serves you and letting go of what doesn’t serve you will continually set you up for your development of self and personal values or morals.

This guide will get you started on the right foot.

Letting Go

The act of letting go of things that don’t benefit your growth or inner peace is so powerful. It’s difficult, and definitely one of those “easier said than done” endeavors, but it’s worth it and can open life’s doors in so many ways. Letting go is the first step to embracing what’s really meant for you. It’s time to get over the self-sabotage cycle; here’s how.

Write It Down, Get It Out

My favorite part of the journey. Journaling, writing, getting it out on paper and off your chest. It’s liberating and provides you clarity. Sitting down in a quiet space and tapping into yourself to decipher what you want to let go of can be an amazing outlet.

So write it out. List it out. Subconsciously write it out.

Be Openminded to What’s Possible

Part of letting go of things through life is also being openminded to what’s coming in place of that thing.

Everything in existence has a frequency. When you attune your frequency to that of letting go and wanting to call something else in, magic begins to happen.

You have to imagine where you’d like to be in place of where you are right now. And while where you are is part of your journey, there’s nothing wrong with building the future and destination you want to see. But you’ll start seeing it more clearly and being open to its possibilities when you let go of what’s holding you back right now.

Let Go of Tension & Embrace the Unknown

There’s a fine balance of focusing on what’s going wrong in your life to determine what’s holding you back so that you can make changes, and focusing on what’s going wrong in your life so much that you end up worse off because absolutely nothing changes.

You need to let go of unnecessary tensions in your life so that you can open up space to make necessary changes. Holding on to tension and things that are no longer serving your growth only hurt you in the long-run. One of the things I learned in The Mountain is You is that we all have a baseline for comfort. When things start to change, we subconsciously find ways to bring ourselves back to that baseline because the new feeling is uncomfortable.

Perhaps you need to consider the idea that you could be holding onto negative things or feelings because you’re afraid of what letting go of those things means for your life. Do you sabotage change because you’re afraid of vulnerability? Opening up with yourself and others?Maintaining a leveled-up way of life?

Letting go of tension doesn’t have to be an extravagant endeavor. Everything you write down that you want to let go of is a point of tension; and you can start small by figuring out how to check things off that list with time and strategy.

But the important part here, is that you do try to get rid of those tensions and fears. Change will always be uncomfortable until that change is familiar. You just have to be patient and ride out the unknowns for the bigger payoff. Dropping those tensions opens up space for calling in the things you really want in life.


Calling in new vibrations and changes for your life is the fun part of this process. The practice of imagining and building what your life could be is one of the most liberating feelings.

And it’s much easier to call in these new things when you’ve opened up that space to do so; when you’ve accepted that things will be uncomfortable for awhile, but that you can still be openminded to what could be around the corner.

It starts the same way; by writing it out. Getting specific in what you want your life to look like, feel like, and sound like. Getting specific in what you want to embrace in every season of your life.

Embracing new changes after you’ve done the work of letting go of the things that stunt your growth is the purest form of alignment. It so well attunes your frequencies to what you really want. It’s conscious, active, and transformative. And it comes naturally after doing the work of letting go.

My List

I thought I’d share my list in case you need inspo and direction for your list. Writing these things out was cathartic all by itself; so I seriously suggest getting it out on paper. It helps to have a physical, tangible copy of things like these. They’re good reminders when put up somewhere you can see everyday.

– Fear of failure
– Need for exterior validation
– Toxic habits
– Toxic relationships
– Being easy to get to
– Laziness in routine
– Talking myself out of plans/promises with myself
– Fear of commitment to anything
– Needing to be with someone
– Delaying my personal development and growth
– Feeling guilty for saying “no”
– Feeling guilty for cutting ties
– Attachment to things that don’t help my growth or mental health
– Mindless living & habits
– Procrastination

– Myself
– Change
– Wealth, budgets, better money habits
– Manifestation practices
– Being unbreakable
– Meditation
– Healthy routines
– Good people
– More growth
– Uncomfortableness
– More mindful movement
– Fueling foods
– New experiences good or bad
– More independence
– Going upside-down more (yoga inversions)
– Self-awareness
– Peace in solitude
– Committing to my hobbies
– Dating myself
– My femininity
– Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
– Gratitude
– Mindful practices/routines
– Weekly intentions
– Power
– Purpose
– Saying yes to life
– Connection

2023 can be your year of growth and development if you allow it to be.

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