Understanding Energy Work

What it is, how it works, what it does.

Everything within the universe carries energy. It’s subtle, unflashy. But it’s present and powerful. Working with it is equally real and consists of practices that allow you to tap into your emotional being and shape the potential of things around you. Energy work is tied directly into working with your body and mind in developing an energetic path to explore.

It’s one of the most transformative practices you can embrace. Here’s how.

The Gist

Taoists define our physical natures as mass — position and the condition of self. They define out spiritual natures as energy — motion and interchange. This is your Yin-Yang mixture; your complete person. They believe that understanding and using energy helps shift and/or align the balance between these two halves.

Buddhists believe that the body is a channel for consciousness and everchanging form. They believe that matter is not destroyed but converted into energy. Their belief in Oneness helps them understand and comprehend the nature of reality.

Energy work is all about expanding one’s awareness beyond their body and mind. It’s learning how everything is connected and later, how to tap into those connections to activate desired change.

Embracing your energetic self comes from taking action to your thoughts — making things happen in your life; creating your ideal reality; practicing consistency in sustainable change.

Your energy is connected to everything — directly tied to every distinction and perception you make of the world around you. It’s your human nature — your personal baselines and compass to navigating the world. But energy work allows you to “manipulate” this — it allows you to make your perceptions and baselines more efficient and productive. It transforms the human experience.

6 Types of Energy Work
Psychic: practicing / embracing awareness of life.
Spiritual: practicing / fine-tuning the direction of life.
Chi: practicing / embracing the spark of life.
Emotional: practicing / fine-tuning the feeling of life.
Potential: practicing / embracing the fuel of life.
Field: practicing / fine-tuning interconnections of life.

Practicing Energy Work

Energy work starts with your physical form and the prioritization of three aspects of your health.

You need to take care of:
Your body
– Your food / what you intake
– Your breath

Taoists see the body as a furnace. You need to keep it clean and promote its even burn. If you burn too hot, you get burnt out; you get too hot; you lose productivity. Taking care of your body acts as a prevention to this. This is the goal.

They see the food you intake as the quality of fuel that the body burns. The quality of your intake makes a difference for keeping your physical state healthy as well as your spiritual state clean and accessible for energy practice. Eating well and staying hydrated has immediate impacts on the quality of life and overall helps maintain physical and spiritual clarity.

Finally, they see your breath as the control center of creating and processing energy. If you’ve ever participated in yoga, you’ll know that the flow of your breath is connected to every movement you practice. The core of energy and centering comes from within the breath. Focusing on the breath keeps your furnace in a state of constant and optimal performance. Bringing awareness to your breath opens a door of possibilities for transformation.

Practicing energy work also really begins when you get real with yourself and your life; when you get specific on what you want to change and transform. You need to prioritize your inner healing. How can you do this?

The art of Qi Gong. Qi Gong is the practice of visualization and awareness — it consists of visualizing light around your body and actions to help you connect to your body and the ripple effect of your actions. Awareness of self protects and strengthens not only your imagination to practice Qi Gong, but it also helps spark and fuel your expansion of self into something more sustainable. For me, this practice also involves aligning my chakras as they also represent the body’s fundamental energy centers. The chakra energy points are vital life-forces and help the body’s energy flow smoothly.

Aligning your chakras comes from a few different methods. Part of it is participating in its designated activities or using its designated crystals or frequencies to open it back up. But aligning your chakras can also come from developing awareness in the body. If you’re generally aware of the location of your chakras, you can place your palms in front of them to gauge their health — no motion means the chakra is closed off or is slightly dislocated. But if you feel a swirling movement from within, the chakra is joint and open. If the movement is counter-clockwise, it means you need to pull discordant energy off of them (cleansing). But if it’s clockwise, your chakra is right where it’s meant to be. The 7 chakras represent 7 main energy points in the body and each point can be worked with. (My Chakra post for more info).

Instead of seeing energy work as an abstract concept, shift your focus to it as being a tangible property of life. This shift comes from learning how to sense and visually interpret your energy and the energy around you. Qi Gong and chakra alignment is all about tapping into and rebalancing your internal energy balance.

Energy work can become the central aspect of your life if you allow it to be. It’s a fundamental part of the universe and to ignore its properties is to ignore half of your potential.

Addressing your imbalance is when energy work starts to heal. It’s a practice that starts from the inside – out and manages to transform every aspect of life if you let it and are consistent at the practice.

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