My Season of Declutter

Over the last few weeks, I have been in this season of decluttering my life. I’ve been clearing out my closet, my dresser, my social media, and my mind — overall, my life.

November and December were filled with figuring out how to best make improvements to my life — I figured out routines I could stick with, products that make me happy, and habits that will enrich my life.

Here’s what I’ve done over the last two months to bring balance and control back into my life. I hope to inspire you to declutter your life too.

A perfect 2023 New Year post for new beginnings.

Social Media Declutter

I deleted my insta and started over right after Thanksgiving. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with working in social media. It was beginning to get tiring and choreish for me; but I realized that I can restart my account or do whatever I want with it, whenever I want.

So I converted it to a Bookstagram and have already been making so many wonderful friends. I’m way happier on social media than I was before and that’s helped my mental health immensely already. It’s given me the chance to live my personal life for me again and readopt habits that will benefit me and not the eyes of others.

I’ve dedicated my social media to something I’m passionate about. I’ve been consistent for a month almost and have not already seen growth, but have felt much better about being online.

I also unfollowed a tonnnn of accounts that weren’t benefiting my self-image or way of thinking. That’s helped my mental and emotional health a lot as well. I recommend unfollowing accounts/people that aren’t making you feel good about yourself or life. You deserve to intake information that’s inspiring and helpful; not detrimental and negative.

If your social media has been making you feel worse instead of better and happier, change it! Remember that your life online is yours — solely yours. You can do whatever you want, cut ties with whoever you want, and show off (or not show off) anything you want online. Don’t allow social media to become a burden or mindless habit for you. Stay aware of what you’re intaking and how you feel when scrolling or posting.

Bedroom/Living Spaces Declutter

Deep cleaning out my room over the last 8 weeks has been wonderful. I filled three trash bags of clothes I literally haven’t worn for years. I got rid of random items I’ve just let float around for years because somewhere in the recesses of my brain, I thought, “sure I’ll use this eventually.” I organized my bookshelf, dresser, and closet.

I vacuumed, washed everything, dusted. I made my bedroom a space that’s calming and welcoming every time I enter it. I made it a safe space for expression and solace.

I highly recommend deep-focusing on your bedroom and spaces you spend the most time in to make them peaceful spaces to reside in. Keep them clean and take the time everyday to make sure everything is in its place. These are simple habits that help maintain balance in your life and allow you to much more easily focus on other matters in your life that might be more important.

Living in cluttered spaces is scientifically proven to slow down your life and productivity. Your mind is constantly full of the “home-to-do’s” instead of your agenda that should take more precedence, like work tasks, dedicating time to hobbies, feeling guilt-free about being out with friends, etc. Take the time to declutter your spaces and maintain that cleanliness or minimalism. It makes a difference.

Mind + Life Declutter

Over the month of December, I dove into the self-help genre. I’ve been reading The Mountain is You: Overcoming Self-Sabotage all month and have never learned so much about myself. I have never done so much reflection in such a short amount of time. I learned so much about myself and I’m so glad I stopped putting this book off. I’m so glad I decided to dive in and get real with myself. This book really helped me work through my ish in a gentle way. I’ve never filled so many journal pages with notes and looked at myself and said “omg that’s why I do that?” so many times. This book definitely helped me declutter my mind and open myself up to change and personal development. I highly suggest picking up a copy and going to battle with yourself. It’s worth the read, worth the time you’ll spend on it.

Alongside that, decluttering my mind also came from practicing gratitude daily, repeating daily affirmations, and setting weekly intentions. Journaling has become a crucial part of my routine, and I’ve never seen so much mental clarity. I’ve really enjoyed my year of journaling and dedication to such a simple habit. If you need help getting into journaling, check out my post on morning journaling.

Part of my mental clarity and life decluttering has also come from more mindful and intentional movement. I’ve been dedicating more time to morning walks, a half hour at the gym 3x a week, and swim 2x a week. I’ve been feeling better and better in my body and in my mind. I plan to embrace more yoga in 2023 and I’m excited for those benefits as well. I move to the North Carolina coast in March and I think surfing could also be really cool. So if I could tell you anything, it’s to take up a form of movement that you like in the new year and stick with it as often as you can. You’ll reap amazing benefits and I promise it’ll help you feel more in control through the harder, longer days.

Finally, I’ve cut ties with people in my real life who haven’t contributed to my mental or emotional health at all. I’ve set more boundaries, said “no” more often, and confidently embraced my self-worth. If people don’t see my value or what I bring to the table in a reasonable amount of time, I don’t allow them to sit in my energy or have my time. Setting boundaries has allowed me to build and maintain my inner-peace. I will always recommend cutting those loose who do not serve or benefit your growth.

I’ve really enjoyed such a introspective November and December. It made my holidays so much better, and I feel like I’m so much more confidently entering 2023.

Remember to take the building of new habits slowly and with time. Not everything has to be overnight and most likely won’t be. The simple habits and routines you develop are for long-term transformation, but they help sustain balance in life which should be a constant.

Make 2023 your year of peace and declutter.

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