Thanksgiving Reminders

Hi, friends!

Today is my favorite day.

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday since I can remember. And I’ve always greatly looked forward to November. The vibe is always different to me. It’s a little bit happier, a little bit colder, the holiday vibe starts to set in, and you get to spend more time with family — which I always enjoy.

So in the spirit of my favorite holiday, here are 5 reminders for your day.

  • Eat all the food — your friends and families have spent a great deal of time preparing delicious holiday food today. Eat it all, enjoy it all, and do not punish yourself later for enjoying this yummy food today.
  • Rest days are real — let your body and mind relax today. You deserve it, you’ve earned it. Sit back allow yourself to genuinely relax and rest.
  • Express gratitude openly today — this is the day to practice gratitude. Speak openly about what you’re grateful for today. Tell your friends and family that you love them. Write a list for everything you’re grateful for today, or what you’re grateful for in general. Challenge: Try to jot down 25-50 things you’re grateful for.
  • Savor the desserts — this is my favorite day of desserts. So eat them all until your stomach hurts. It’s worth it.
  • Reflect — Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite days to reflect back on the year I’ve had. This year, today, I’m a completely different person than I was last year, today. I always enjoy reflecting back on how my year went and the growth I’ve gone through. So do the same for yourself; think back on the milestones you’ve reached this year. Think about the kind of growth you’ve experienced. Think about how you overcame your challenges. Reflect on how far you’ve come in a year.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving today. Express all the gratitude, eat all the turkey and rolls, and laugh a lot with family.

Turkey day is a good day.

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