My Haircare Routine

For the ladies that want stronger, healthier, longer hair.

A quick routine post and easy read on my favorite hair products.

My Routine

– Oil roots with an Essential Oil
– Oil ends with Hair Masque Oils
– Massage in for a few minutes
– Let it all marinate for 30 minutes – 2 hours

– Clarifying Shampoo
– Regular Shampoo
– Hair Masque & let sit for 5 minutes
– Conditioner
(Rinse in between each product)

– Leave – In Conditioner or Oil

Before Shower Oil Favs

Pure Rosemary Essential Oil (SCALP)
– adds moisture back into scalp
– cleanses scalp
– holds necessary nutrients for hair strength & growth

Organic Argan Oil (MIDS + ENDS)
– deeply hydrates
– provides shine and smooths hair
– nourishes
– prevents split-ends
– frizz control

Ouai Hair Oil (MIDS+ ENDS)
– smooths frizz
– prevents & seals split ends
– gives hair a shiny & healthy glow
– heat protection

After Shower Oil Favs

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume Oil (MIDS + ENDS)
– refreshes hair’s look & scent
– nourishes & locks in shine
– maintains hair’s natural moisturize balance
– gives a silky shine

Ouai Hair Oil (MIDS + ENDS)
– smooths frizz
– prevents & seals split ends
– gives hair a shiny & healthy glow
– heat protection

Ouai Wave Spray (MIDS + ENDS)
– enhances hair’s texture
– curl-enhancing
– frizz control
– volumizes

Hair Masque Favs

Ouai Hair Masque (MIDS + ENDS)
– moisturizes
– damage repair
– split-end repair
– breakage repair
– adds shine to ends

Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair Masque (MIDS + ENDS)
– deeply conditions
– strengthens
– damage repair & prevention
– decreases hair breakage
– deeply moisturizes

Clarifying Shampoo Favs

Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Shampoo (SCALP + MIDS)
– rids product buildup
– exfoliates & cleanses scalp
– removes scalp impurities
– balances & restores moisture
– purifies

Leave-In Conditioner Favs

Ouai Leave-In Conditioner (MIDS + ENDS)
– hydrates
– frizz control
– heat protection
– reduces dryness & breakage

Gisou Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner (MIDS + ENDS)
– detangles
– nourishes & softens
– heat protection
– prevents damage & breakage
– restores & balances moisture
– gives hair a silky shine
– rich in minerals & antioxidants

you only need
– one (1) BEFORE scalp oil,
– one (1) BEFORE mids + ends oil
– one (1) DURING clarifying shampoo
– one (1) DURING hair masque
– one (1) AFTER leave-in conditioner or oil
These are all part of my haircare collection as options, depending on what my hair needs that cycle. Do not use all of these products on your head of hair all at once. You only need one of each category; these are all just options
for each!

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