A Guide to Manifestation

Beginner friendly.

The word manifestation means to create or turn something from an idea into a reality. It’s an abstract idea of using your thoughts, feelings, and actions to bring something to life, to your physical reality.

Tapping into the universe’s energy is a real thing, and it’s equally real to raise your vibrations, shift your mindsets, and attract the things you want for your life through it. Manifestation is closely related to and associated with the Law of Attraction; and for good reason.

Manifestation is a portal opening where all of your deepest desires exist. Opening that portal is possible, and the opportunities of that portal are endless.

Get Specific

You can start seeing real change in your life pretty quickly when you start getting specific about what it is you want to see change — or what you want to attract/bring into your life.

“When you want to attract something into your life, you need to put your order into the universe as if you’re shopping.” (The Manifestation Collective).

But it’s true — when we shop, we’re all eerily specific about what we want; the size, the color, the fit, how we’ll wear it, what we’ll wear it with, etc.. You too, need to get eerily specific with your desires, wants, and needs from the universe. The more specific, the better. The universe is always listening, but when you know exactly what it is you want, you’ll already have a much easier time bringing that to life. Broad manifestations are harder to bring into fruition.

You can start small.

Start by manifesting a small sign of some sort into your life like seeing your angel number, or getting a phone call you weren’t expecting, but might actually need. Manifest seeing a yellow car on a driving route. Manifest receiving a gift from someone “just because.” It’s really cool to spot these things happening when they aren’t things you’d usually ask for. That’s how you know it’s working and that the universe is listening.

Of course, you can manifest anything you want, big or small. You can manifest gobs of money, your soulmate, the perfect apartment, getting the job you’ve been working for, anything. Manifestation opportunities are limitless.

You just have to get really specific about why you want those things in your life. You have to get real with yourself.

If you’re trying to manifest more money, you can’t approach it out loud like “oh it would be great if I could pay off my credit card this month.” That doesn’t do anything — you have to get specific about the amounts you’re looking for and why. I follow a gal on Instagram who used to manifest unexpected checks in the mail, just to see if it would happen. They’d come from her place of work just sending her a meaty bonus — but that counts. So what figures are you looking for? What’s your plan for it? Why do you want it?

If you’re wanting to manifest money to live more luxuriously, then great — be real about it. If you’re wanting to manifest thousands of dollars worth of work every month, great — choose your desired figures. If you’re wanting to manifest enough in every month to comfortably pay rent, perfect — same thing. Be real about your desires.

If you’re trying to manifest a person into your life, you have to be just as specific — if not more. What qualities do they have? How do they treat you? How do they treat themself? How do they treat others like friends, strangers, or family? How do they spoil you? How do they appreciate you? How do they support you? Do they like to travel? What lifestyle do they live? How tall are they? What kind of hair do they have? Are they educated? Intellectual? What hobbies do they have? What do they drive? What kind of money do they make? What are all of your boxes that this person should be able to check? You can literally build your perfect person — because just as anything else, that reality is out there.

You just have to believe it. And you have to get specific about it all. When that’s finally to your liking, you can put in your order to the universe.

Get Delusional

My favorite part of manifesting because I think I have this aspect down to a T.

I LOVE being delusional about what I’m manifesting into my life because being delusional is literally convincing yourself that these things are out there and that everything will work out with all of your might, mind, and strength. Being delusional is your way to let go of the expectations and timelines of when these things are supposed to happen — unless you’ve specifically asked for a time that you’d like that manifestation to be brought into your life.

Being delusional about your manifestations can also be as big or small as you want them to be. They can be as small as you believing that even when you’re on empty in your car, and you have 30 miles left, there will be a gas station at mile 30.

And they can be as big as believing that the perfect apartment in the perfect spot with every single amenity you want and then some, and that the price comes down before you close on it, will happen.

They can be as big as believing that you’ll meet your perfect, specifically crafted person at your grocery store or cafe you go to everyday for coffee. Wherever you want to meet them, you can believe that every time you step into that spot, eventually, your person will be there.

You do not have to sacrifice anything when it comes to manifesting. You can literally have it all. So get delusional about it; be so confidently delusional about your beliefs in it all happening that there’s no ounce of doubt within you about something not happening the way you want it to. You can have it all.

Embody It

Such an important aspect to manifestation; just harder to practice.

Part of manifesting your dream life is showing up everyday as if you live that life already. If you want to be more feminine, you have to start showing up as your divine feminine. If you want more money, you have to start living your life as if you already have all the money in the world. If you’re wishing to attract your perfect person, you have to start showing up as the person you want to be to attract someone like that.

This is where a lot of self-awareness comes into play. You have to imagine what it would be like to live the life you’re wishing for. If you can’t embody it physically, embody it spiritually and mentally. Journal about it. Journal like you lived a day in that life already. (Journaling is my favorite way to embody manifestations).

If it’s a life of luxury and comfortability, what does it look like? What does it smell like? Who’s around you? What do your evenings look like? What do you wear day-to-day? What kind of food exists in this reality? What do your finances look like? What does your job look like? How do you carry yourself here?

If it’s a life of money, what do you do with it? Do you donate to charities? Do you help those in need? Do you travel every month? Do you finally have your car paid off? Were you able to put a down payment on a house along with 6 months worth of payment? What kind of things do you invest in?

If it’s being a better version of yourself, who does that look like? What kind of qualities do you have now? How do you treat yourself? How do you treat others? What hobbies do you have? How do you maintain your individuality? What kind of friends are you attracting? What kind of lover do you have? How do you care for your spiritual and emotional health now?

Embody everything you wish to be and have. The universe will hear it. So much growth typically happens as manifesting takes its course to get to you. Embodying your manifestations is a practice of living more mindfully and consciously. If you’re writing about and signaling to the universe that what you want is already yours, the universe will bless you with it and so much more.

Eventually, your manifestation will present itself, and you’ll know exactly how you want to embrace and use it. You’ll be completely prepared for it when it finally comes about.

Practice Gratitude

You can’t forget to be grateful. Not in general, and never in the manifestation process. We often get so excited to attract something amazing into our lives, that we forget to be grateful through the process and for the outcome.

How do you show your gratitude to the universe? You write or vocalize your list of gratitude every day. Taking a few minutes to find 5-10 things you’re grateful every day will help you recognize how fortunate you are in life, even when it sucks.

In general, practicing being grateful for the process of growth and whatever the amazing outcome is for you, is really important and will help your continual growth. It will also help you bring more and more into your life.

You will continually attract all the things you wish to attract if you’re constantly on the look-out for things you can be grateful for. Amazing things happen when you’re grateful. It opens so many doors to so many blessings. Your mindset will expand so much. So be grateful. And let the universe know that you are.

Speak With the Universe

You gotta ask the universe for what you want. It doesn’t just fall in your lap because you’re thinking about it, or thinking it should just fall in your lap.

The universe is a being just as much as you are. It’s just as much energy as you are. “Please” and “thank you’s” are still nice to hear and should still be relevant in your spiritual house; even if it’s to an invisible being. And speaking with the universe doesn’t have to be weird. It can be in any form that works for you; journaling, prayer, vision boards, speaking to yourself. Regardless of what it is, speaking with such a powerful entity will help reinforce how you wish to feel about and receive your manifestations. It helps you continue to trust the processes. Just find a manner of speaking with the universe in a way that’s comfortable for you.

The universe, to me, is feminine. She’s powerful and all-knowing; so she’s easy to speak to. I trust that she’s aware of me, aware of my feelings, thought processes, and desires. She’s incredibly approachable and I feel she really resonates with me. Her energy is all around me all the time, and I feel her most strongly when I’m directly reaching out to her.

Try to figure out what the universe is to you and how it resonates with you. That will help you decide how to approach it and speak with it. But you do need to speak with it, openly and often. Do not forget respect when speaking with it either. It deserves that as much as you do. It will get more comfortable the more you do it. Just remember that the universe knows you, and can be your friend. It has a plan for you. So talk with it, and watch how your life unfolds.

Trust the Process & Let Go of Expectation — But Take Inspired Action

Letting go of your expectations is going to be such a big help in bringing your manifestations to life. It’s the same as being delusional — if you believe so much that something will happen, that there’s no doubt or fear, you’re actively trusting the process.

Letting go of expectation and believing in the universe’s timeline for you is all about shifting your mindset from “what if this doesn’t work” to “what if this actually works?,” and “what if my life does change” and “what if this opportunity is exactly what I was looking for?.”

It can be difficult to believe something will happen when you’ve never experienced before, sure. But trusting the process is all about getting excited about what can happen instead of focusing on what won’t or can’t happen.

I believe in the universe and I’ve seen my own manifestations come into fruition. And that’s because I allow myself to get excited about what’s on its way. So allow yourself to get the feels too. Allow yourself to feel hopeful. Allow yourself to get excited about all the things on the way to you. Get delusion-ally excited. So much so, that there’s no doubt within yourself, the universe, or the process.

Here’s the kicker — again, your manifestations will not just happen. You have to take action to help those come along. Inspired action means that you meet the universe halfway and take steps towards making that dream or goal of yours come true. Miracles don’t just appear; you have to prove to the universe that you’re willing to work for what you want and that you’re ready for it.

Don’t be focused on the “how” it has to happen, or how it should happen. Just be open to the possibilities of how it could. Be open-minded in how it might. Let go of your expectations, meet the universe halfway, and trust that everything is going to happen how it is meant to.

You’re Probably Already Subconsciously Manifesting — Make the Conscious Shift

Fun fact, we’re all, already, constantly manifesting our realities — it’s just subconsciously happening.

The thought processes and beliefs that you currently hold is what manifests your reality right now. If you believe that dating is hard and that all the men you meet are crappy, your dating life will continue to be hard and the men you go out with will continue to be crappy. If you believe that you never have enough money in the bank, you will never have enough money in the bank. If you believe that you won’t reach your dream physique, you’ll never reach your dream physique.

These might not be things that you think are happening — but subconsciously — more than likely. If you’re constantly unhappy and feeling stuck, it’s entirely possible that your subconscious is manifesting those feelings and issues. The universe is always listening, so it will keep you feeling miserable if that’s what you’re constantly feeding your subconscious.

The opposite could be true too, though. You could be in a state of constant growth, gratitude, development, and optimism. You could be in a state of constant receiving. You could be in a state of constant miracles and blessings. If your subconscious believes that all is well, all the time, all will be well, all the time. If you’re always positive and believing in the best, the best will always happen. It will reflect in your life.

So instead of subconsciously feeding yourself your reality, shift to feeding your conscious, your reality. Bring it to the front of your brain instead of keeping it at the back of your brain. Start actively manifesting. Start getting conscious about your thoughts and beliefs because they control everything. There needs to be an active shift so that you can get your control back over what you want in your life.

This is everything you need to start your journey of manifesting.


— GET SPECIFIC (start small)

— GET DELUSIONAL (no doubt)

— EMBODY YOUR DESIRES (you have what you want)

— BE GRATEFUL (say thank you)


— MAKE THE CONSCIOUS SHIFT (control your reality)

And start small as you’re starting out. It’s no coincidence when your wishes become your reality. So start small to get a feel for how the universe responds to you.

She will respond to you.

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