Using Sundays As A Reset

Although a great rest day, you can still use Sundays as a productive mindset reset day. I love using Sundays as a day to catch up on all of the things I was too lazy to do all week.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making necessary changes or sacrifices to make personal leaps and bounds and in all honesty, it’s been mentally, emotionally, and even physically exhausting. My self-treatment and personal spaces have reflected this. So for the last few weeks, I’ve just allowed myself to feel and live the way I felt I needed to.

Lately, that’s meant no gym, letting laundry pile up, not making my bed every morning. It’s looked like random stuff all over my bedroom floor or car. It’s looked like constant sleeping-in even if I’ve gone to bed early. It’s looked like procrastination. It’s looked like neglecting my daily journaling and affirmations and reading. It’s looked like under-eating and really no water at all when I’m used to drinking 100oz a day. My life has felt very off track and I’ve been tired of it; but I allowed myself to gain the motivation and time to get back to reality.

This is where Sundays come in.

Sundays can be the perfect days to get your ish back on track. My Sunday this week was my day to do so. And the best part about Sundays is that you literally have all day. You can go as slowly as you want or need to, to get everything put back together.

I took 3 hours to deep clean my room and take a long, cleansing shower. I took my time to read a few chapters of my book when I usually blow through my books. I took my time to make a nourishing dinner. I drank some water. I took my time to feel a little more humanish again. It matters to have grace with yourself when life feels off.

Use Sundays as your reset button. Use them as your try again button. Use them as your mindset shift button. Use them as whatever button you need. And remember that rest is productive too so if you need it, use it for that too.

Here’s a small inspo list to help motivate a little productivity if you’re looking for it:

  • Read 10 pages or one chapter of any book (a few easy reads below)
  • Carve out time to take a long shower (fav products below)
  • Vacuum your room
  • Make your bed
  • 5-10 mins of skincare (fav products below)
  • Dust your dresser
  • Start a load of laundry OR put some of your clean laundry away
  • Light a candle and journal for 10 minutes
  • Make a to-do list for your upcoming week to feel more prepared
  • Meal prep for the week or bake (baking is more fun on Sunday)
  • Drink at least 20-40oz of water

Even small tasks can aid in getting you feeling a little more you again.

Sundays can be a great opportunity if you allow them to be.

So give it a try next week. Simple acts can make monumental changes. Give yourself the chance to make a mindset change, and definitely give yourself the grace and a little wiggle room to do so.

Easy Reads Book Inspo:

Where The Crawdads Sing – fiction

Sitka – fiction

Mistakes Can Kill You – fiction

The Silent Patient – thriller

Salt To The Sea – nonfiction

Sinner – erotica

How To Be A Bawse – self help

Ikigai – self help

Shower Products I Swear By:

Scalp Brush for Stimulating Hair Growth

Ouai Hair Mask

Argon Oil

Rosemary Oil for Scalp & Hair Growth

Easy Skincare I Swear By:

Pixi Beauty Jelly Rose Remedy Mask

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Pixi Beauty Retinol Eye Cream

Mighty Patch Blemish Coverup

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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