Live According to the Moonphases

An Intro to the Moon

Moon rituals have been performed and lived by for millennia across ancient and modern culture. Living by the moon phases is a great spiritual and emotional practice and it can have a significant positive effect on a person’s mental state. And just like its gravitational pull affects the seas tides, it actually affects us too.

The moon is a celestial body. It governs our emotions and yin side. Your yin is the other half of your yang and its energy connects us to our intuition, emotions, and ability of nurturance. This is why the moon dominates how we process and express what we feel.

The moon has eight (8) different cycles or phases and they all hold a different energy and can be used to accomplish different objectives. So if you’re living by them correctly and with intention and an open mind, the moon can form an amazing roadmap to accomplishment and manifestation.

The Moon’s Eight (8) Phases

The moon’s phases are what we consider a lunar cycle and the cycle lasts 29.5 days. Choosing to align yourself with the different phases will open a lot of doors for you. It’s a great way to bring an ancient connection to your modern life. Pay attention to phases labeled with ** as it symbolizes which phases to work with the most and give the most attention to.


In conjunction (0° with other planets).

Its energy symbolizes harmony and amplification.

Even though the moon is invisible at this time, the New Moon signifies new beginnings and the time for planting fresh intentions.



This phase signifies anchoring your intentions and making a plan of action.



The Sun and Moon face each other at a 90 degree angle (considered a square off).

It highlights any resistance you may be facing and symbolizes making changes and amendments to get back or stay on track.



A time to settle in and get in the rhythm or flow of life.

Its energy is high and a time you can find new perspective.

Gives you a little bit more time to honor your intentions and maintain your energy.



A final time to get ready for release and embrace.

Dedicate some time to self-care.



Another square off between the Sun and Moon.

Time where you may feel limiting beliefs and frustration in your journey.

This phase is common for making you feel impatient.

This is a time to listen to your internal guidance and to keep returning to your intentions.



Your final time to turn inward and assess how this cycle month went.

This phase symbolizes the need for you to ask whether or not you’re going to move forward and set new intentions or keep working with this intention.



The final phase.

Time to let go of your limiting beliefs and release what does not serve you.

This is a time where you can yet again feel strong in your intuition and energy.

This is also a time to rejoice the end of the cycle and shift your energy to gratitude so that you can invite in new intentions in abundance.

Moon Phase Rituals

New Moon Ritual

Clean your space and set the tone for something new that you wish to call into your life this month/cycle. Calling can be done through smoke/smudge cleansing, lighting incense or candles, diffusing oils, and/or playing soothing music.

Rituals need to be performed with no disturbances or distractions and can be inside or outside — preferably in a space you feel comfortable manifesting in.

To start the ritual, take deep centering or grounding breaths and meditate on what you wish to gain in your life this cycle. Definitely use your crystals for this kind of journaling and manifesting.

You need to create a sacred space to anchor your intentions throughout this cycle. This is similar to a vision board; so make sure you can easily see or return to your intentions and manifestations all month.

Writing your intentions, goals, and manifestations should be formatted as so:


“I am abundant in wealth.”

“I am in love with life.”

“I am open to new possibilities.”


“I work a job I’m passionate about.”

“I’m financially stable.”

“I am with my soulmate.”

Full Moon Releasing Ritual

Perform this ritual by setting up similarly to your New Moon ritual. Your journaling though is all about listing your limiting beliefs and frustrations from the cycle. This ritual is about release so get real with yourself.

Release comes from a main outlet with the Full Moon:

Running a bath and filling it with epsom or sea salts or crystals to help you envision your highest self and by thanking the water for both your wins and struggle this cycle. Or expressing gratitude towards the water for what you’ve learned or walked away from. I know it sounds odd, but water is highly moved and effected by the Full Moon at this time. It’s a powerful outlet if you allow it be. Growth comes from gratitude and persistence, so stay open minded about immersing yourself in a body of water as it will help you gain mental clarity and inspiration.

Once done with your time there, burn your limiting beliefs. Let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Recognize that new blessings are on their way. The Full Moon ritual is all about your release and rebirth.

The Moon & Your Period

Oh yes, ladies — the moon doesn’t just govern your emotions or help you manifest your ideal life, the moon can effect and govern your period too. Menstruation and Menses come from Latin and Greek which mean month and moon.

So turns out, we really are not so different from the moon. She has a 29 day cycle … we have a 29 day cycle. We are all connected; we are all one.

This idea has been studied and backed; and though there’s still lots of controversy out there, it’s not a far fetched idea to believe anyhow. Several studies have linked this lunar cycle with our phases of sleep, mood, and behavior. You can read a study about it here.

Ancient cultures created and used lunar calendars for their year and many cultures still base their religious ceremonies around specific parts of the lunar cycle. Menstrual cycles roughly follow along a similar timeline during the lunar cycle, so it is a natural way to practice tracking your ovulation and menstruation this way. (You can really tap into your divine feminine energy doing so).

It’s believed that there are several benefits to menstruating during a New Moon and ovulating during a Full Moon and it’s even normal to celebrate that sync.

Now, everyone’s body is different and not every body will or does follow a lunar cycle, and not every menstrual cycle will sync with the lunar cycle. But it should be noted that lunar and menstrual cycles are similar enough to be related and suggests that moonlight has an impact on our biological processes — which is also scientifically backed. But that idea isn’t unreasonable because light does play a big part on our bodies, reproductive systems, and behaviors or moods.

Even Charles Darwin suggested a link between the length of the menstrual and lunar cycle.

And a later 1977 study found that women who typically begin their cycles on a New Moon have a greater chance of becoming pregnant,.

Remember that the moon is a celestial body that can represent fertility and as we’ve discussed, already has a significant influence on our biology. So it’s not so far fetched to believe that your cycles can sync up to the moon’s cycle and that it can have benefits if it does.

How To Apply The Moon Phases To Your Life

You can use the moon’s energy and shifts as a blueprint to creating goals in your life and manifesting real magic.

To harness a New Moon’s energy, be sure to perform your rituals and intention setting, but be proactive in visualizing what you’re hoping to achieve all month. The New Moon is a fresh start for the upcoming cycle. You can prepare by giving your space a proper clean and energy cleanse. What your living spaces look like will reflect how you’ll feel in them. Make your main spaces a place of solace, peace, and growth. A safe space for your mind and heart.

To harness a Waxing Crescent Moon’s energy, you can start taking action in achieving your goals for the month. This phase offers a boost of positive energy and is a time to embrace that through productivity.

To harness a First Quarter Moon’s energy, you can dive into the action-taking of your month. Spend time with your goals and intentions, but also spend time getting more work done. Accomplish more of your daily tasks or get to any neglected or procrastinated work. This is a phase of momentum and offers you a time to make a few tweaks to your current lifestyle and needs if you feel such a change is necessary. Make decisions and prioritize your lively tasks, professional projects, and personal goals.

To harness a Waxing Gibbous Moon’s energy, you can take the time to clear your brain. This phase is a time of refining and defining your ideas and situations in life. It’s a time of inward reflection and figuring out what you need to let go of or embrace more closely in life. Knowing how you feel and how to maintain or rectify that is focus for this phase.

To harness a Full Moon’s energy, it’s imperial to listen to your intuition. The Full Moon is a time of complete illumination. This phase allows you to see your life’s situations for what they really are. This is a time of finding truth and perspective staring right at you. Full Moon’s are known for releasing and letting go; so allow yourself to do that. Quit bad habits, cut toxic ties, leave draining situations behind. The Full Moon is a time of letting go of what does not serve you and prioritizing your healing. Surrender your life for the flow of the universe. Honor what this phase is showing or teaching you. If you’re willing to change, new doors will be opened to you.

To harness a Waning Gibbous Moon’s energy, you can revisit your intentions. This is a time to recognize how far you’ve come this cycle. Expressing gratitude openly is a big deal here. Brain dumping your thoughts and letting the universe know that you hear it and are flowing with it is going to help you own and define your inner power.

To harness a Last Quarter Moon’s energy, you can perform an inner “spring cleaning.” Clean out everything that you’re still holding onto that you really don’t need to hold onto anymore; relationships, habits, situations, and even the clothes you don’t wear anymore or the books you don’t read. This is a time of emotional clean out and physical clean out. This cycle is a chance to learn that to evolve is to release. So clean your spaces again and get rid of the things you feel is overcrowding them. If it doesn’t make you feel confident or at peace, get rid of it. Same goes for your brain because this is a time of mental and emotional clean too. Meditate and journal and seek out the feelings you don’t want to have or deal with anymore. This phase can be incredibly beneficial and incredibly powerful to you and your needs if you let it.

To harness a Waning Crescent Moon’s energy, find time in your daily life to be still and sit in your inner peace. This phase is the last of the lunar cycle and should signify the importance of rest, focus, and reflection.

You Have A Moon Sign

Surprise! Just like you have star (zodiac) sign — which is also your SUN sign — you have a moon sign too.

Your moon sign reflects how others perceive you but it also represents what you can’t express about your being in a literal way; meaning it represents how you feel and what you believe on a soulful level.

It represents your memories, your idea of comfort and security and survival. So while your sun sign is the light you shine on your world, your moon sign is your shadow self and what only you can understand about yourself. It represents the actions you take to nurture yourself, your life, and the others who are apart of it. It’s even your key to your personalized and perfect version of self-care.

Find your moon sign here.

Look at all the cool things that the moon does and represents. Now you’re in the know. The moon will inspire amazing things in your life if you let it and live by it. So start small and see what the moon will do for you.

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