A Beginners Guide to Getting Your Life Back

Finding balance in life is a life-long endeavor. And it can be a real struggle of finding that balance when you feel like you’ve lost it. It can feel like an impossible job.

Well, there’s lots of work to do to stay balanced. The want to change is easier said than done. The doing part is why many people just don’t.

But it doesn’t have to feel impossible. It’s hard work, sure. But the wins in life come from consistency over perfection.

We all start somewhere. But finding the right place to start can help get you off on the right foot. Start here.

What does a healthy life balance mean to you? What does a healthy life mean altogether? How do you want to go about finding your balance? And more importantly, how should you go about it?

Here are 5 beginning steps to get your life back.


Get off of social media, stop answering your calls, stop answering your texts and emails. Take a while from work if you can.

If it’s for a weekend or a few hours a night, disconnect and disappear. Just allow yourself a break. Hangout with just yourself. You can get real clarity here.

Journal, read, clean, drive. Just spend time alone and do something that helps you feel more like a person again.

Allow yourself to reconnect with just you for a little while every week. This stepping stone will make all the difference.


Your health in all aspects of your life is incredibly important to your growth and control in life. You have to start prioritizing it.

When you tune into your health, you tune into what you really, really need. Your body is constantly talking to you; how often are you listening?

When you start listening to what your body, mind, and soul needs, your life changes. When you listen and honor what your body is requesting from you, balance within yourself will automatically start to restore. So start listening, stop ignoring.

Pay more attention to you. It matters and it makes a difference.


You don’t have to do it all alone. The people you allow in your life matter too. And those who you allow to influence you matters. Those who you allow to either lift you up or drag you down matters.

If you’re trying to restore balance in your life, you need to recognize who care and support you and any endeavor you choose to embark on. You need to recognize those in your life who will allow and challenge you to keep growing and being better than you were yesterday. You need people around you who encourage your finding balance and solace in life.

Your support systems will make or break you. Make sure it’s a good one. That support system will be the difference between making your finding balance run smoothly or hellishly.


Just like it’s important to disconnect to be with yourself, it’s important to explore the world around you while you’re doing that. Take a new route in your walks or drives. Take the weekend for a roadtrip.

Try to expand your awareness in your life. Take a class for a hobby you’ve been interested in or start getting back into a hobby you used to enjoy. Read that book you’ve been putting off or finish the one on your nightstand. Listen to the new music you’ve been curious about. Go to the new cafe or restaurant that just opened up. Find movement you love. Take yourself out on a date every week.

Just find what interests you because even though interests are ever-changing, so much self-awareness can come from them. Finding balance comes from finding and digging deep into things you enjoy. Doing things you like for you. Find what interests you and go all in.

Pro Tip: Keep some of your interests secret when in a relationship. It’s good to have things just for yourself because we all need to maintain individuality. And when/if a relationship ends, you’ll be able to dive into those interests and hobbies that weren’t tainted (this will skyrocket your healing).


How cliche, right?

But also, seriously, is it not true?

You are in charge of you and you are in charge of your outcomes in life. You’re in charge of your perceptions. You’re in charge of your change.

You are as capable as you allow yourself to be. You’re the only one who can schedule time to do the dishes or put a load of laundry in because it’s been piling up.

You’re the only one who can put everything else off because you just really need a break for the weekend.

You’re the only one who can choose to love yourself every single day of the year.

You’re the only one who can choose to make those small changes so that you can start feeling better about your potential and your new outcomes in life.

Life is what you make it. So make it something you’re incredibly thrilled to be apart of. Make it something you’re excited to wake up to. Make it a nice place to be.

Remember that consistency wins over perfection. Small adjustments overtime is what counts. So take it easy and keep trekkin.

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